Equal Payment Plan

What is it?

The Equal Payment Plan is a convenient, interest-free way to budget electric bills on a monthly basis as long as your consumption stays the same year after year. The program is especially helpful if the amount of your bill varies widely from one season to another, for instance, if you have much higher bills in the winter, due to electric heat, than you do in the summer. If you are not on the EPP, you pay for the energy you use as you use it each month, whether the total is high or low. The EPP averages the charges into eleven equal bill amounts (based on the consumption history of the service during the past year).

What if i get charged too much?

Once a year, all accounts on Equal Payment are reviewed for their usage and balance. If an account appears to be overpaying, then the amount billed per month will be adjusted so that at the end of 12-months, your balance will be closer to $0. The same goes for accounts that appear to be using more than had been billed. If you want the amount changed, then call us and we’ll help.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, you can cencel your Equal Payment Plan at any time. At the time of cancelation, any amount owing or overpaid will be applied to your next bill. If you miss 2 payments under this plan, NOTL Hydro will revert you back to the default billing.

Call 905-468-4235 for more information or to sign up.