Transformer Beautification

Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro first began the process of Transformer box beautification in 2019 in partnership with the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, The Communities in Bloom Committee, and the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre. The program has been successful in celebrating local artists and beautifying the Town. Each year since 2019 there has been a call for entries with a theme attached to it. Local artists submit their artwork to the Pumphouse and several are chosen each year to be turned into a Transformer wrap. Winners are also given an honorarium.

The map below is a legend of where to find the transformers that are currently wrapped.

Map of Transformer wrap locations

The gallery below are pictures of the transformer wraps noted in the map above:

Niagara-on-the-Lake’s own
Pumphouse Art Centre is your
first stop on this trip.
Jennifer Penner – 2019

Ricardo Street at King Street
First Flora
Lindsey Kemp – 2019

Front Street near Victoria Street
Paint the Town
Brittany Blyth-Williams – 2021

Queens Parade
On With the Show
Elaine Bryck – 2021

Wellington Street in front of Shaw Festival Theatre
Entangled Lives
Lynne Gaetz- 2021

Wellington Street near Shaw Festival Theatre
Fire at Will
Nancy Wardle – 2022

Ricardo Street near Fort George
Vineyard With a View
Julia Kane – 2020

NOTL Community Centre on
Anderson Lane
Cannas on Queen
Lois Stevens – 2021

NOTL Fire Hall at Anderson
Lane and Niagara Stone Road
The Glen
Shelley Locke – 2020

Garrison Village Shopping Plaza
on Niagara Stone Road
Courage and Sacrifice
Jane Morris – 2022

NOTL Golf Course near Fort Mississauga
on Simcoe Street
Philip Wormwell – 2022

Front of Legion, Branch 124, on King Street
Transformer location 13 and 14
Elaine Bryck – 2019

Location: 2
Veterans Memorial Park at King Street
Morgan Lakeshore Cemetery
Transformer location 15Wine Whip
Auto FX

Niagara Stone Road in Virgil
Transformer location 16Transportation
Darnell McCalla

Niagara River Parkway near Field House
Transformer location 17Sunset Voyage
Shelley Locke

Niagara District Airport
Transformer location 18Lake Sailing
Lynn Weiner

Ricardo and Melville by the Marina

Get a Transformer Wrapped

NOTL Hydro has also received a number of inquiries from businesses and residents who wish to see the transformers located on their property wrapped. NOTL Hydro will allow this as long as the wrap is fully paid for by the local resident or business and the wrap is local artwork commissioned through and approved by the partnership with Communities in Bloom and the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre. The sponsor’s name will appear on the bottom panel.


  1. Hydro box wraps may be sponsored by any business or resident for a box of their choice.
  2. The cost is expected to be between $1,500 – $2,000 with cost varying based on the size of the box chosen. The sponsor will be expected to pay the full cost in advance.
  3. All wraps must be in a manner consistent with the goals of “Communities in Bloom”.
  4. The use of the work of a local artist, as commissioned by the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre, is mandatory. A $500 honorarium is provided to the artist as part of the cost.  The sponsor may participate in the selection of the artwork.
  5. No commercial messaging of any kind may be included on the wrap other than the name or logo of the sponsor as part of the bottom panel.
  6. All wrap designs must be approved by a panel made up of representatives of NOTL Hydro, the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre and Communities in Bloom.
  7. For consistency, all wraps will be produced and installed by a vendor chosen by the panel.
  8. NOTL Hydro makes no commitments as to how long a box may be in service or what damage may be caused to the wrap due to hydro services.
  9. NOTL Hydro may reject the wrapping of any box at any time.

Businesses and residents can pay to have a local hydro box wrapped.  If interested, please contact NOTL Hydro at 905-468-4235 or