Self Generation

The FIT and microFIT programs managed by the IESO (and OPA previously) ended on January 1, 2018. Monthly fees apply to microFIT and FIT accounts, displayed on the commercial rates page. If you would like more information on these programs please visit:

Net Metering is the next phase of self-generation in Ontario allowing you the security of being connected to the grid while being able to generate your own electricity. When involved in this program, you would generate using a renewable medium such as solar or wind, use what you need and send the rest out to the grid. Whatever you don’t use would be stored as a credit for up to 12-months so it’s key that you size your generation accordingly.

NOTL Hydro wants to ensure that your project is safe for yourself and for your neighbours. Please call us if you’re considering a solar, wind or other electricity generation project. We can provide you with some information to make the best decision for you.

For more information on net metering: