How to Read Your Bill

We understand that your electric bill is sometimes hard to understand.

There are many required elements that we must include on your bill for transparency that are mandated by the Ontario Energy Board. Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro also bills your water and sewer charges on behalf of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. All water and sewer charges have separate line items.

In July 2024, our bill design was updated as a group effort involving several other Ontario utilities. The update was performed to make the bill easier to read, clearly show the costs of your electric, water & sewer utilities, and to show you easy to understand charts of your historic usage. If you have any problems understanding the new bill design, please call us at 905-468-4235 or use our contact page to write us feedback.


  • How Much Do I Owe?
    • Show a simple total owing along with the utilities broken down by electric, water and sewer.
    • A note will show if you are on Pre-Paid Authorization.
  • Important Information
    • This area will be updated occasionally with important notes. Please have a read.
  • How Much Electricity Did I Use?
    • Shows your last 12-months electric usage to help you see your patterns.
    • The total kWh used in the table has losses applied. In the example above, the base usage was 569.14kWh and adjusted by 1.0374 (loss factor) to total 590kWh.
    • Your electric usage chart will fill in based on your Price Plan (time-of-use, tiered, ultra-low overnight).
  • How Much Water Did I Use?
    • Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro bills water/sewer charges on behalf of the Town.
    • The last 12 months usage will be shown here.
    • If a you do not have water included in it’s bills, the chart will be replaced with a standard message. Likewise for water-only accounts, but the electric area will be replaced.
  • On the back page, your electricity charge will be broken down by your chosen price plan. The standard Residential and Small Business plan is Time-of-Use. To learn more about available price plans, please visit PRICE PLANS.
  • Your meter information is listed on the back page at the bottom of the page. Use this along with your account number to register for your online account.