Rebates and Incentives

Get Paid to Upgrade


There are many programs that are available in Ontario that we can connect you with. It all depends on what you want to accomplish. All current government incentives are located at Save on Energy.


    • Small Business Lighting (SBL) – If you have a commercial account with an average demand under 100kW then you’re eligible for this program. You’ll get a list of what upgrades can be done, how much it will save you, and how much it will cost to upgrade. In some cases, you won’t pay anything. Once it’s all settled, a licensed electrician will schedule a time with you and will install all the new lighting and properly recycle the old equipment.

    • Retrofit Program – If you want more freedom in what you install and who does the work, then this program is for you. It covers just about any efficiency upgrade possible including lighting, motors, pumps, VFDs and more. There are 3 Key Milestones for this program:
      1. Get a Quote – Send it over to us and we’ll let you know how much you will save and what your incentive will be.
        • IMPORTANT – If you buy the equipment without letting us know, then you become ineligible for the incentives. 
      2. Submit an Application – We can do this for you. Just ask.
      3. Do the Upgrade and Decommission the Old Equipment –  Then you get paid.