Carbon Calculator

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro Board endeavoured to make a carbon-footprint tracker available to help the average person track their carbon footprint. This is a free tool (registration required) available to anyone.

Understanding and tracking one’s carbon footprint helps individuals comprehend their personal impact on the environment. Carbon footprints are a measure of the total greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide and methane, that result from various activities such as transportation, energy use, and consumption. By monitoring these emissions, individuals can better appreciate their role in climate change and environmental degradation.

In 2020, Canada was the second largest GHG emitting country per capita among the top 11 emitting countries with 17.8 t CO2 eq per person*.

How are the carbon footprints calculated?

We have attempted to make the values as Ontario-based as possible, primarily utilizing the 2022 National Inventory Report and the Electricity*. Water values were established with a third party environmental auditor. Aviation footprints were averaged out using multiple sources, though since airplanes use a larger amount of fuel during take-off shorter flights have a larger footprint per kilometre.

How much electricity should I use?

The average usage per residential customer in Niagara-on-the-Lake was 787.22 kWh per month in 2022. This is an average of all customers which is slightly higher than the average in Ontario currently established as 750kWh per month*. Your target usage has many variables including the size of your home, number of occupants, appliances and electric vehicle use among others.

NOTL average customer consumption:

  • A = 77,245,861.36 total Residential kWh
  • B = Average of 8,177 Residential customers per month
  • A ÷ B ÷ 12 = 787.22 kWh per month

What about food and other items that add to my Carbon Footprint?

This isn’t a catch all tool but incorporates utilities and transportation as its primary data collection.


Please note that this page will receive updates as we receive questions and feedback about the calculator.