Electric Vehicles

You’ve heard about them and now they’re finally starting to gain traction. The benefits of having an electric vehicle (EV) are increasing as the technology behind them gains momentum. Battery ranges are increasing and charging technologies are getting better. Some cars are even driving themselves which is likely to disrupt the industry like we’ve never seen before.

Help Us Keep Electricity Reliable

NOTL Hydro doesn’t know when a resident purchases an Electric Vehicle. When there are several EVs charging on the same transformer there are potential issues with overloading local transformers. In other words, let us know when you get an EV so that we can keep track of our transformer loading and avoid potential outages. Please contact us to let us know if you own an EV if we know where they are, we can better monitor/replace our equipment so that your power stays on.

Perspective on Costs

You will see an increase in your home’s energy usage when owning an EV. Your average gasoline costs per year likely range from $1,000 to $2,500 per vehicle but the equivalent in EV (when charging in off-peak times) is about $300 (at 13 cents/kWh).


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