Legacy FIT Information

The FIT and microFIT programs managed by the IESO (and OPA previously) ended on January 1, 2018. Monthly fees apply to microFIT and FIT accounts, displayed on the commercial rates page. There are approximately 145 customers in Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) with FIT contracts. This page is dedicated to providing these customers with access to resources to manage their account and, if needed, move the ownership to another party following a move to another residence.

Please note that your FIT contract is with the IESO, not NOTL Hydro. NOTL Hydro pays these accounts on behalf of the IESO. Any changes to the account must be done with the IESO.

IESO Contract Management Tool – BEACON

Visit the Beacon website – HERE

Beacon was created in 2019 so not all existing customers have an account. It is recommended that all account holders register with Beacon.

FIT/microFIT Moving Process

As people move, your contract also needs to be moved to the new owner. This needs to be done with the IESO, not NOTL Hydro. The following is a basic description of how the process works and who is involved. It can be cumbersome if not all parties work together and NOTL Hydro is required to pay the previous owner until the transfer is completed.

  1. The Assignor (current/past owner) must complete their registration for Beacon (see above) if they haven’t done so already.  This includes the three Verification Tasks to ensure the IESO has the correct information.
  2. The Assignee (new owner) must register with Beacon and register a new Supplier account.  If the microFIT Contract is version 1.5 or above, they must include a copy of the Land Transfer or Parcel Register when completing their Supplier Registration.
  3. The Assignee must provide their Supplier ID and Supplier Legal Name to the Assignor for the microFIT Contract Assignment Request.
  4. Once received, the Assignor can initiate the microFIT Contract Assignment Request from Beacon.  From there the Assignee needs to review the information and provide the NOTL Hydro Generator Account Number.
  5. The request is then sent to the IESO for review and NOTL Hydro will verify the Generator Account information for the Assignee.
  6. Once all the checks are complete, the IESO will generate a Novation Agreement that goes out to both parties.
  7. Once signed and approved by the IESO, the Assignment is complete.
  8. When this is done, NOTL Hydro will send the new owner a connection agreement. This needs to be completed in order to finish the switch and start paying the new owner.