Customer Choice – Change your Price Plan


Please fill out this form if you want to change the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) structure that applies to the Electricity line of your bill. There are three options: Time-of-Use, Tiered, and Ultra-Low Overnight.

You will need your electricity bill on hand to enter the following information. Enter it exactly as it appears on your electricity bill. If your information is not entered as it appears on your electricity bill, we may not be able to process your form.

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Your personal information is collected on this form by Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro under the authority of the Electricity Act, S.O. 1998, Chapter 15, Schedule A. Personal information will be used only for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy.

If you are a larger business, you may be able to choose from one of these plans as well. Please call 905-468-4235 to talk about your options.