Cookless Recipes Wanted

July 29, 2013

We’re updating CUT with some new information and recipes and want your recipes. We are looking for original recipes for an energy efficient meal.

What is an energy efficient meal?

1. Meals that don’t require any added heating. These recipes will be highlighted in the book.

2. meal using a slow cooker (or alternate appliance), which can use a fraction of the energy as an oven.

3.A meal using very little gas/electric energy to create. (Under 5 minutes. No BBQ recipes please)

4. Perhaps a new take on a traditional recipe using different ingredients that cook quicker or a different cooking method. Like using rice paper/noodles instead of wheat noodles.

5. We’re hoping for some unique recipes, especially mains which can prove a challenge.


What do we need from you?

– Your recipe and, if possible, a picture of the completed meal.

– Your bio and a picture of you (optional)


Email us your original recipe with a picture – click here