Potential Postal Disruption

June 6, 2016

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers have set August 28th as a tentative strike date. In the event of a Canada Post service disruption, delivery of your electric and water bills as well as payments sent to Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro may be impacted. Please note that you are still responsible for keeping your account up-to-date. We have a number of services available to help manage your account during a postal service disruption.

Receiving Bills – Choose either of the options listed below:

  1. Sign up for eBilling and receive your bill on time, every time. Paperless billing offers simple, secure, 24/7 access to your bills. You can cancel eBilling at a later date if needed.
  2. Call our offices at 905-468-4235 and ask for your balance. Note that you must be a contact listed on the account to get this information due to privacy requirements.

When you register for Customer Connect, log-in and click on the Billing Tab (see below). In the drop-down, select E-Bill and change your preference. You can choose to receive only EBills, only Paper Bills or to receive both.

About eBilling

When you sign up for an online account and e-Billing, you will have access to tools that will help you understand and manage your bills better. Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro’s Customer Connect is an online portal that lets you access your consumption history and sign up for e-Billing.

When you’re logged in to Customer Connect, you can also sign up for e-Billing notices. Access and download your current and past bills with ease. With the potential for a Postal Service interruption at the beginning of July, it might be the best time to sign up for e-Billing. Getting your bill online also saves us on postal costs which, as your municipality-owned utility, are then passed on to you.

Making use of your Smart Meter data, Customer Connect allows you to see your consumption history from the previous day’s use or go way back to 2011 when Time-of-Use was introduced. The home screen will show you your consumption data for the last 30 days and will project your usage for the billing period based. If you see a date with an abnormally large usage, click on it and see what you used per hour. Using this option will allow you to understand how you’re using your energy.