2015 Scorecard Results

By, NOTL Hydro - September 29th 2016

The Ontario Energy Board has established a Renewed Regulatory Framework as a comprehensive performance-based approach to regulation that promotes the achievement of four performance outcomes to the benefit of existing and future customers of local electricity distribution companies. These outcomes have been simplified into a Scorecard for public reporting of performance in a transparent manner.

Performance Outcomes that are included in the Scorecard include:

  1. Customer Focus - Services are provided in a manner that responds to identified customer preferences.
  2. Operational Effectiveness - Continuous improvement in productivity and cost performance is achieved; and distributors deliver on system reliability and quality objectives.
  3. Public Policy Responsiveness - Distributors deliver on obligations mandated by government (e.g., in legislation and in regulatory requirements imposed further to Ministerial directives to the Board).
  4. Financial Performance - Financial viability is maintained; and savings from operational effectiveness are sustainable.

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